Travel with me at Meteora


Pantalonii mei preferati din ultima perioada sunt acesti pantaloni semi “treisferturi”cu dungi, cei culottes si cei cu detalii volanas jos la glezna. Asa ca in excursia mea la Meteora nu aveam cum sa nu ii iau cu mine plus perechea de culottes pe care nu am apucat sa o port pentru ca ploua in ziua in care planuisem sa ii imbrac..  Continue reading “Travel with me at Meteora”

Meteora day 2

DSC09548.JPGHello my dears ❤

I’ll start by showing you the first outfit in 2nd day for sure I did a lot of pictures and it is a shame to stay there in a folder .. “Meteora Day2” ..

I started the day with a strong coffee at the café in the town center, from where it sees the most beautiful when you enjoy morning coffee, Meteora. My favorite is flinches and every time I’m there awakens many memories … it is as if I would have been in that place again, and the feeling that gives me is … I do not know, I think u understand what I mean, is like I have lived in another past life and had a “deja vu” … by the way, I believe in past lives and believe that the soul is immortal, so all of us have these sensations of deja vu.

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