Flower power


Anul asta mi-am colorat ceva mai mult garderoba, deoarece tendintele ne-au aratat foarte multe tinute, floral, galbene, fuchsia si alte imprimeuri floral sau geometrice colorate.

Am observat ca tinutele colorate, imi dau o stare de bine , se incadreaza perfect in tabloul de primavara sunt extrem de fresh si actuale in acelasi timp. Continue reading “Flower power”

Fuchsia and red it`s a trend


If you didn`t have time or chef to see this year the new collections, and what the famous designers propose, it’s ok, I’m here :)) Today I will show you a different look, from my other generally outfits, and bold it would say, because to combine two strong colors from two differents pallets is not the easiest thing.. i`m speaking about the pink fuchsia and the bright red that I’ve always been afraid of. And honestly I’m telling you this is the first time I’ve been using this chromatic in one outfit.
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The double denim springly trend


Hristos a inviat dragii mei ! Sper ca ati avut parte de sarbatori frumoase si linistite, pentru ca noi ne-am odihnit foarte bine iar astazi am intrat in cu forte noi pe treaba.

Astazi o sa va vorbesc despre mult iubitul meu trend, si acela de a purta doua sau mai multe piese din denim, intr-un outfit. Trendul asta exista de ceva timp, si da l-am mai purtat in urma cu doi ani. Primavara aceasta in schimb imi place mai mult si mi se pare foarte cool sa porti o jacheta din denim si o pereche de jeansi din denim aceeasi nuanta.

O jacheta din denim poate fi purtata in foarte multe outfit-uri si cu foarte multe piese din garderoba ta asa ca merita sa investesti intruna.

Am accesorizat cu o sapca de inspiratie marinara (navy) am pus un sirag de perle si o pereche de sandale cu toc gros.  Continue reading “The double denim springly trend”

Embroidered white Tshirt


Hello my dears !

I saw that you really liked the white Tshirt with embroidery, I think is one of the most popular pieces lately on my social media. And I love it too because it is white and i can wear with what i want and plus i adore the embroidery trend on any clothes.

I don`t  know if, two years ago u read me but written in an article about piece of spring as a white Tshirts, white sneakers that are a must-have pieces and should not miss anyone’s wardrobe, for spring and not only.And now after two years I came to the conclusion that the same tracks are reinterpreted little trend and concluded that they are not that trend is not just about fashion trends but about basic pieces that can form kept Continue reading “Embroidered white Tshirt”

2017 Office look-ruffles shirt and pencil skirt


Daca ieri va aratam o tinuta primavaratica cu gust de weekend si excursii,astazi m-am limitat la o tinuta de birou cu cateva elemente din trendurile 2017.

O tinuta office putin mai altfel. Am luat camasa alba mult iubita de mine dar si de multe fete,culoarea alba putin diferita, o camasa cu volane si un detaliu la gat in loc de guler. O camasa destul de indragita in trendurile primaverii,verii 2017.V-as sfatui sa va luati o camasa de genul pentru ca o puti purta in nenumarate feluri si dupa cum va mai spuneam da un plus de feminitate. Continue reading “2017 Office look-ruffles shirt and pencil skirt”

Belted corset shirt dress for spring


Hello again my dears! I saw that you appreciated my posts from Athens Fashion Week and you liked the pictures, especially the last day, both Instagram and here on the blog. But it is time to return to work and show you an outfit for spring start-and shameful. I say this because both today and in the past days the weather is fickle and if now it’s sunny and beautiful in an hour and may even be cloudy and raining.

For this outfit i use the layering that fits well into the fall and spring season like now.

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Ruffles tops-the biggest trend


Hello my dears! Today I show you again a very trendy spring outfit and one of the biggest trend:ruffles.Ruffles are one of the biggest trends for this spring, summer. I have said that I bought a few ruffles shirts and that I really love it. They give a touch extra feminine and can be worn on casual as well as the most elegant. Continue reading “Ruffles tops-the biggest trend”