Tropical summer vibes



Daca tot e vara si suntem in cautarea celor mai tropicale destinatii pentru vacanta,atunci sigur ai nevoie si de un set cu print tropical, o pereche de sandale cu toc gros , o palarie din paie ,o geanta din paie , cateva accesorii aurii masive si un cosulet din catifea eventual pentru plimbarile de pe faleza dupa apusul soarelui.

Noi tocmai ce ne-am intors din vacanta iar setul asta cu print tropical ma trimite cu gandul la noptile tarzii pe terasa unui bar din centrul orasului de unde toate luminitele erau privelistea noastra iar cockteil-ul cu tequila era tot ce ne puteam dori pentru a ne racori putin. Continue reading “Tropical summer vibes”

Embroidered white Tshirt


Hello my dears !

I saw that you really liked the white Tshirt with embroidery, I think is one of the most popular pieces lately on my social media. And I love it too because it is white and i can wear with what i want and plus i adore the embroidery trend on any clothes.

I don`t  know if, two years ago u read me but written in an article about piece of spring as a white Tshirts, white sneakers that are a must-have pieces and should not miss anyone’s wardrobe, for spring and not only.And now after two years I came to the conclusion that the same tracks are reinterpreted little trend and concluded that they are not that trend is not just about fashion trends but about basic pieces that can form kept Continue reading “Embroidered white Tshirt”

Midi embroidered dress


Hello beautiful girls

What is more beautiful than to celebrate the love? And no I’m not talking about Valentine’s Day but the 25 years of my parents the silver wedding ❤

This summer they celebrate silver wedding and this is the dress model for such an event like this. I show them that they have an example girl and that can be shining and with midi dress with embroidery. Continue reading “Midi embroidered dress”

Paisley boho chic

DSC08984_Fotor.jpgHi my dears ,

I have an outfit in drafts 2 weeks ago, with a bohemian air, a dress that can not wait for  summer to wear it  more because I simply adore it. A paisley print in trend from last year that continues and this year.A fresh dress that leaves out of sight when you go only part of the leg, which I find very nice.A dress that worn with different accessories can totally change a outfit.

Continue reading “Paisley boho chic”

Night date in double denim


I do not think I have ever show u an night date outfit of mine. I will say again with all the risk to repeat myself, I do not like molded dresses, short and extravagant. An evening attire means for me: the first and most important piece are the stilettos shoes , a good denim or trousers, a blouse with something different or how I wore backless in pictures or in sequins or leather. Denim jacket, leather or fur is the last thing you put on me when you leave the house. Continue reading “Night date in double denim”