Same shirt 2 different outfits


Today I will speak about oversized shirt,why they are a must have in our wardrobe. I have this white for some time and always sing in different outfits. I always take me off from mess, either wear them with the boots over knee, tied up, or with skinny jeans or mini skirts on below, with leather pants and waist strap. If you follow me on Instagram sure have you seen that i have the same one in blue stripes color with long sleeves . I will say with hand on my heart as, it is a track that you will wear and in different outfits. You can find them at the Stradivarius with only 10 euros now on sale. Today I will show you 2 outfits with a shirt like this. I invite you on my  Instagram here to see and the other outfit with the blue one, about which i was talking above. Continue reading “Same shirt 2 different outfits”