Cool and stylish -the hoodie



Buna dragii mei , buna dupa o duminica super insorita in care ne-am bucurat de foarte mult soare si multe plimbari, in care am ascultat marea dupa o iarna intreaga, am ascultat pasarile care revin cu timiditate din tarile lor mai calde.

In ultima perioada sunt foarte comoda in hoodiurile mele si le integrez in aproape orice tinuta. Sunt super cool , super comode si in acelasi timp foarte stylish .

Am primit acum ceva timp cateva hoodie-uri de pe Zaful si am fost foarte bucuroasa cand le-am probat si am vazut ca arata si se aseaza atat de bine.

In weekend imi place sa ma imbrac comod deci am purtat astazi unul din hanoracele de pe Zaful ,pe care il puteti gasi aici . Produsele de pe Zaful mereu au fost super ok si transportul gratis cu o comanda de minimum 30$ in 2 saptamani la tine acasa. Continue reading “Cool and stylish -the hoodie”

Classy faboulos



Daca ieri va vorbeam de Valentine`s Day, astazi vreau sa va arat o tinuta pentru o femeie puternica, o femeie cu stil,o femeie care stie ce vrea de la sine.O tinuta cu accente masculine si un trench statement oversized. Poate fi purtata la birou, eu la asta m-am gandit prima data cand m-am uitat in oglinda. Am pus accente pe buze si pe geanta din rafie pentru putin mai mult stil decat clasica tinuta office. Aaa am schimbat si clasica camasa cu o helanca simpla neagra, camasa cred ca ducea prea tare in zona de office si nu am vrut exact asta. Mai ales ca accentul masculin il am si la pantaloni nu am vrut sa fie si in partea de sus, tocmai de aceea am optata pentru helanca, care mi s-a parut mai feminina decat toate celelalte elemente.

Cred ca este una dintre cele mai clasice tinute ale mele, si care m-a facut sa ma simt super puternica si stylish in acelasi timp.

Pantalonii ii gasiti pe Zaful magazinul online despre care v-am mai vorbit si in trecut. Calitatea prduselor cat si transportul sunt in comformitate cu pretul acestora, adica super ok. Daca va ganditi sa va cumparati ceva de acolo , vreau sa va uitai bine peste marimile pe care le au in tabelul lor si sa va masurati daca este cazul. Continue reading “Classy faboulos”

Zaful autumn favorites

Is that time of the year when we make again so many wishlits with loved items for school, College, for the fall in general. Autumn is the season when you can do a lot of cute outfits with summer clothes  and winter clothes, but a variety mixes that I like so much.
Hoodie – Here                   Skirt – Here                               Boots  – Here


Always Zaful salt in the help when i want to shopping. Save time and money because their prices are super quality and perfect fit. If I compare the clothes on the zaful, so to give you an idea, you would compare with the Bershka, are super ok as price and quality. Plus if your order is more of  $30 the delivery is free.

Also they have so many beach dresses that i love so much,u can check out here

I sharing today my lovley itmes that i want for autumn and who knows, maybe it will be easier to reach me, hihih 
Also they have a Back to school promotion until 26 with free shipping worlwide
Check out this here : Here


Lemon print dress – Here      White dress – Here

Spring it`s here


Pentru ca 1 Mai este zi nelucratoare, si toti ne gandim la mare, la valuri, la distractie,     m-am gandit sa fac o tinuta potrivita pentru aceasta zi. O tinuta simpla de zi, care poate fi purtata toata vara asta.

Pantalonii de tip culottes, sunt un must-have si se potrivesc oricarei tip de corp. Deci daca nu ai o pereche de culottes in garderoba te invit la cumparaturi. Continue reading “Spring it`s here”

Athens Fashion Week (Axdw) day 1,2


Hello my dears! ❤

After 4 days of running with fashion week of Athens, I took a hot shower quickly and do not want to wait much discussion because I want to show you what happened on the first day at AXDW (AthensXclusivesDesignersWeek), unless you have seen on Instagram, so I posted a lot there @oannafashionsimbol.

And yes this was the first year that we had accreditation as a fashion blogger and i`m very happy that we managed it.And want to thank u all u for the support and love! Thank u so much ❤

Today i show u my first and second outfit and some outfits that I liked on the

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Meteora day 2

DSC09548.JPGHello my dears ❤

I’ll start by showing you the first outfit in 2nd day for sure I did a lot of pictures and it is a shame to stay there in a folder .. “Meteora Day2” ..

I started the day with a strong coffee at the café in the town center, from where it sees the most beautiful when you enjoy morning coffee, Meteora. My favorite is flinches and every time I’m there awakens many memories … it is as if I would have been in that place again, and the feeling that gives me is … I do not know, I think u understand what I mean, is like I have lived in another past life and had a “deja vu” … by the way, I believe in past lives and believe that the soul is immortal, so all of us have these sensations of deja vu.

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Flower power everywhere #springlooks



Hello girls

To form a few spring outfits in this year’s trend, you need a few pieces to help you. I personally wouldn’t never give up denim shirt, besides the fact that it fits in any season, is also very easy to wear. To be in trend this spring you need a metal or leather skirt, not too short that can form in a different outfits. Continue reading “Flower power everywhere #springlooks”