More self love


Hello, my darlings! It’s been some time (again) since I’ve never posted and even thought that, you definitely missed me so I thought I’d come up with some motivation for sports and gym in general and a activewear look.

The gym activewear suit is from Twinkledeals and you can find it here .

You set out to be a constant sport, but you haven’t been able to be consistent for more than a few weeks?

Did you happen to pay your subscription to the gym and not cross the threshold just a couple of times?

Sport does wonders for your health, gives you energy, makes you feel better and helps you weight.

However, agitated life makes the introduction of sport into the daily routine sometimes complicated.

At first, you don’t need motivation for sports.

Small changes in behavior can help you overcome the barriers that prevent you from achieving your fitness goals with ease.

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The Christmas mood


Am intrat incet incet cu totul in febra sarbatorilor si spiritul Craciunului,asa ca am profitat de toate targurile tot mai frumos imbodobite. Perioada asta parca suntem mai buni, parca zambim mai mult, parca este ceva in aer care imbie atmosfera,optimismul imi este mereu prezent, buna vointa si mai ales veselia.

Toate drumurile duc spre casa in perioada asta iar impodobitul bradului impreuna cu cei dragi,prgatirile pentru masa de Craciun,cautarea cadourilor pentru cei dragi sunt putinele  lucruri pe care le facem cu drag in fiecare an.

Cred ca as putea sa vorbesc despre sarbatorile de iarna 10 pagini, insa vreau sa va arat si o tinuta pe care o recomand cu drag pentru aceasta perioada.

Helanca o gasiti aici la un pret super mic, si va jur ca este cel mai calduros pulover si arata exact asa cum l-am comandat de pe site.

Spuneti-mi voi cum sunteti in perioada asta? Sunteti mai veseli asa ca mine, mai optimisti si mai buni sau mi se intampla doar mie(si chiar vorbesc serios cand spun asta)

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Garnets gems

Diamonds will be the typical choice if you ask the important question, but also for a distinctive most unique engagement rings , designers want towards alternatives and so are having a couple surprising gems, for instance garnets, with unique and complex results.
These beautiful gem are often considered being an in-depth glistening red. Their name arises from the Latin word for grain and invokes the idea of pomegranate seeds. They are, however, contained in a massive choice of colours, causing them to be a very versatile jewel. Furthermore to blue, garnets come in eco-friendly, yellow, orange, red, blue, crimson, pink and brown. The garnet may also be extremely high in Mohs scale, scoring 7 to 7.5. This means they are hard-wearing additionally to beautiful. If you are searching with an unusual gemstone diamond engagement ring, designers prefer to utilize garnets, because furthermore for the versatility in colour and sturdiness – they might be worn each day – they are also relatively insensitive, meaning they are really simple to cut and work. They need to, however, be shielded from sharp knocks since they can shatter. Although getting mentioned that, they are very resistance against scratches and chipping.


Wealthy in meaning
Garnets will be the birthstone for that month of the month of january, to ensure that perfect for people born because month. They’re doing have plenty of meaning installed on them. In folklore, they are thought to bring all the best and reduce the chances of evil, additionally to bad nightmares. They are also thought to have healing characteristics also to help with depression and fatigue. Symbolically, they represent courage, truth and fidelity, causing them to be ideal for a gemstone ring. There is a extended good status for garnets just like a prized jewel which dates within the ancient Egyptians to some legend of Noah’s obtaining a lamp encrusted with garnets round the ark.
Eco-friendly garnets engagement ring 
For an infinitely more unusual gemstone diamond engagement ring, designers sometimes encounter the rare demantoid eco-friendly garnet. These gemstones are uncommon and therefore command a larger cost when compared with better to locate red garnets. Eco-friendly garnets come in Russia. They were a well known with Faberg�� who used them within the designs. Exactly why is these garnets so desirable will be the small horsetail inclusions that offer a powerful texture for the whole stone. All garnets are brilliant, nevertheless the eco-friendly garnet surpasses the gem for brilliance. The eco-friendly garnet may also be contained in Tanzania and Namibia, nonetheless they not have the horsetail inclusion.
The actual factor
Synthetic gemstones are employed in jewellery because of the expensive and rarity of natural occurring gemstones for instance rubies and sapphires. These can also be heat treated to boost their colour, which is sometimes difficult to determine if what you are buying is synthetic or natural. A garnet, however, is usually always 100% natural since they are intolerant to heat treatments and, since they’re so no problem finding, there is no reason behind which makes them synthetically.
So, with a colored engagement rings , designers are turning more and more more for the garnet just like a real choice, because of the choice of colours, ale cutting them in addition to their durability.

One shoulder rouffle top


Excentrica si totodata retro. Asa as caracteriza-o pe Oanna de astazi. Ciorapii galbeni te duc cu gandul la anii 80, 90,la fel si ochelarii mici cu tenta de cat eye,iar topul adus in actualitate cu un volan imens pe un umar arat destul de bine cu sandalele negre cu toc gros, nu-i asa ?

Topul de pe shein este cea mai noua achizitie si sunt foarte placut surprinsa de calitatea acestuia. Este exact asa cum se vede in poze, dintr-un material foarte bun si care se aseaza extrem de bine. Daca va place modelul acesta,care pe de alta parte cu siguranta il poti purta si cu o pereche de jeansi si sandale, te invit sa vezi ce pret bun are aici , al meu este marimea s. Continue reading “One shoulder rouffle top”

Put some accesories on your outfit.


Ploua de vreo 3 zile.Iarna in Grecia este una destul de nesuferita .. Prefer sa ninga, de 1000 de ori mai bine ar fi. Cu toate astea incerc sa ma adaptez oricarei situatii si incerc sa compun tinute cu note vesele si sa le accesorizez pe masura. Vremea asta mohorata nu ma inspira deloc ,ba mai mult de atat imi creeaza o stare de nervi pe care incerc sa o calmez formand tinute vesele jucandu-ma un pic cu hainele din garderoba mea. Continue reading “Put some accesories on your outfit.”

Birthday girl in @openrose velvet dress


Hi girls ! Before 12 o’clock I want to show the most beautiful dress I’ve wear ever. I`m wearing this amazing velvet dress from the fashion label  OpenRose  @viralfashioncupboard in Athens. The unique showroom concept in Athens has been created by IFDG to showcase a range of its international casual to luxury brands all under one roof. Only a few pieces are celected to be showcased. The showroom and its concept is created and run by Alexandra Gazijants. Continue reading “Birthday girl in @openrose velvet dress”

Different outfit with the white shirt


Camasa si pantalonii negri , vechea si clasica tinuta de care toata lumea e plictisita . Si eu de altfel. Asadar , daca moda tot ne permite am adaugat peste camasa alba un top din dantela , un fel de lenjerie intima sa ii spun asa , ca sa pot schimba putin tinuta. Iar pentru mai mult gust am adaugat si bocanci uzati , un chocker , o palarie si o geaca bomber . Si ce a iesit vedeti mai jos :

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