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Hello, my darlings! It’s been some time (again) since I’ve never posted and even thought that, you definitely missed me so I thought I’d come up with some motivation for sports and gym in general and a activewear look.

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You set out to be a constant sport, but you haven’t been able to be consistent for more than a few weeks?

Did you happen to pay your subscription to the gym and not cross the threshold just a couple of times?

Sport does wonders for your health, gives you energy, makes you feel better and helps you weight.

However, agitated life makes the introduction of sport into the daily routine sometimes complicated.

At first, you don’t need motivation for sports.

Small changes in behavior can help you overcome the barriers that prevent you from achieving your fitness goals with ease.

As the results begin to appear, you will feel better and you will look better, you will have a motivation for sports.

Use the tricks below to make the sport consistent:

Schedule your trainings as important meetings
Don’t you find time for practice?

We understand that it can be difficult to juggle between a job with responsibilities, family, children and social life. Often, the lack of time is an excuse that makes you postpone the achievement of your goals.

Contrary to what many people think, you do not need hours in a row for effective training.

Just think that if you train only 10 minutes a day, you’re already overcoming all the people sitting on the couch. Every minute and every repeat counts!

If you want to be healthy and look good, allocate your time from the beginning of the week just like you do with the other important things in your life.

Plan your training in advance
Think what might prevent you from following the training program and find solutions for the identified obstacles.

If you plan your training in the morning, prepare your evening equipment.

If you prefer to train at night and go to the gym, take your equipment with you. It’ll be a lot easier to stop at training on the way home.

Establish reasonable goals
Start with small steps.

If you haven’t made a move in a long time, 10 minutes of intense training is enough and you’ll feel the effects immediately.

As your physical condition improves, it gradually increases the duration and difficulty of training.

Many people quit because they propose to “break the clouds” in a few weeks. Avoid falling into the trap of great goals.

If you propose unrealistic things, you’ll end up feeling frustrated, tired and discouraged and risking quitting.

Rest and sleep long enough
Lack of sleep prevents you from being consistent. Make a regular sleep schedule, especially if you’re going to train in the morning.

Don’t give up!
Even if you happen to skip a workout you planned, don’t give up.

Resume the training program starting the next day. If you take long breaks between training, it’ll be a lot harder to turn sports into a habit.

In time, it’ll be a lot easier to follow your training routine. Studies show that it lasts between 21 and 180 days to adopt a new habit, so be consistent until the end.

You don’t need motivation for sports.

With small behavioral changes you can follow a training program with ease. In a short time, the movement will become a habit.

Sport is essential for your long-term health, not just a tool to achieve your fitness goals. Look at it as a daily important task that brings you benefits that you cannot assess in money.

Thank you for read me , hope you can find your motivation to go to gym ❤

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Much love , Oanna 


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