Postcard from Meteora


Happy women`s day my beautiful girls! Hope u had a lovely and sunny day so far!

March 8,and  8 am, I made my coffee I enjoyed it quickly and then woke Stelio to help me finish my luggage in less than an hour we had to leave. We finished breakfast together and then we hit the road … to Meteora destination .. ❤

I wanted to see Meteora for a long time  and I searched  lots of pictures, and every picture that I saw more than I wanted to visit this city.
And indeed I was right, in fact, it`s more beautiful in reality than in pictures and just astep to wake up tomorrow morning, go up the cliff to visit the monastery there and stop time instead, that view up there is breathtaking and doesn`t compare with anything.

So , stay in touch for a travel vlog, until then i will wait u on  my instagram where you can see more videos and pictures.

@oannafashionsimbol Instagram

Wearing :

Zara -jacket and beret

Hm- Turtleneck, jeans and shoes



Kisses and lots of love from Meteora, Greece ❤

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